Gaining Maximum Brand Exposure With The London Cheerleaders - The London Cheerleaders

Gaining Maximum Brand Exposure With The London Cheerleaders

I strongly believe that no sports event is complete unless you have fantastic entertainment. What better way to get amazing exposure at an event and to entertain the crowd with a high-quality performance than to sponsor the performers? Cheerleaders are a brilliant option. They fit easily into any sport - rugby, basketball, football, cricket and running events. Even darts! Having your brand on the London Cheerleaders will certainly give you the desired effect. We engage with fans, attract high-value media attention and provide amazing family-friendly entertainment.


Engaging with fans at sports events, getting photos, creating a fun vibe is what we do.  The cheerleaders always get out and about pre-game talking with fans and taking photos. Having your brand on the London Cheerleaders’ kit and/or on our mobile selfie frames  will give you far more exposure than any billboard, because in effect it’s your billboard walking around the ground, talking with your market. We get your brand in the fans’ photos, and the positive experience the fans have with our cheerleaders will be synonymous with your brand.


Cheerleaders attract amazing attention on all media platforms. Local papers, radio stations, international media, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. People interact with all these forms of media, and people will tweet and post photos. Your brand is then able to use these tools to engage in conversations directly with the public, building brand exposure and cementing your proposition in the minds of the public.


The London Cheerleaders provide world class entertainment, and this has a rolling effect. More people come to games, as the entertainment adds extra value, people will come earlier to see the entertainment, too. Therefore, fans spend more money at the grounds, and they come more regularly as each game day becomes a fun day out for the entire family. The London Cheerleaders work hard to ensure every performance is not only fun and family-friendly but also high-quality, slick and professional.


The best advert for the London Cheerleaders are our clients. John Stump, Financial Director at Mick George Limited says this::


“We have been working with the London Cheerleaders since the summer of 2014 and have found them to be extremely professional in their approach and performances at all times.

They have worked on a number of projects with us, including football match sponsorship, press announcement, a TV Show appearance and corporate trade shows. The girls not only provide highly polished and professional dance routines but they integrate both before and after the event with everybody both young & old, male or female and in such a positive way that it increases awareness and exposure of our corporate brand and image.

The responses to an appearance/performance from the cheerleaders always lights up the various social media channels and provide a wealth of after event awareness and branding opportunities for us.”

Zoe Rutherford

Managing Director The London Cheerleaders

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